Who We Are

We have been the Lead Print Designer for Costco Wholesale.
An Art Director for a Graphic Design Firm.
The Webmaster for an International Art Museum.
The Public Relations Director for a Fortune 500.
The Hero for many small businesses like yours,¬†Let’s work together!

International Designer

My wife and I started Ainsworth Studio in 2006 in our house, in Tacoma Washington on Ainsworth Ave. Simplicity. Success came fast, the company grew to have a brick + mortar location with several employees, I began to see less of my children and wife. After 5 years of running, we made a hard and crazy decision to move the children around the world exposing them to different cultures. Ainsworth is again run from home which currently is in Cape Town. We use solid communication systems that were perfected during our brick + mortar days. Our customers are happy. We like them a lot and they seem to like us too.

  • Developing Products that change the world.
    Foam Supplies, Inc.
  • World-renowned Structural Engineers
    We love creating websites for engineering firms. Graphic design and website design is so logical, if we weren
  • Polyurethane Distributor to Asia
    Halla Chemical
  • The Washington State Chapter of AGC
    Ainsworth Studio was contracted to develop a website design for the Washington State Chapter of Associated General Contractors.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Polyurethanes
    Due to the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, ecomate systems created an environmentally friendly replacement for hcfc
  • A non-profit working in Africa to help build the "Great Green Wall"
    A non-profit working in Africa to help build the "Great Green Wall" across the Sahara Desert

Website Development

We love developing websites¬†and are constantly challenging ourselves to learn new coding languages – keeping our customers on the cutting edge. We are aware of what is possible with today’s internet and browser’s, what the trends are and most importantly: how to reach your target audience.

Please fill out the form below if you’re looking to have a website developed. Needing to send us an RFP? Email [email protected]

Our Services

We are focused on the end goal of your project.

We have created a brand strategy for a large bank, developed an international multi-language website for a museum and created a logo for the mom & pop shop down the street. We love working on projects, big or small, because we simply love what we do.

Growing up in the “microwave era” – where video games were new and exciting – influenced us to have goals and work until results were accomplished (as in staying up all night to beat Super Mario Brothers!).

We work hard. We see results. Click the button and let us know what we can do for you.

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among other things, we design logos