How to add an Apple Icon

Apple Icon – how-to add one to your website

An Apple Icon shows up on an iPhone or iPad when your website is saved as a shortcut or quick link. If you are viewing this site on an iOS device, try clicking the shortcut button (bottom center icon looks like a square with an arrow shooting out the upper right corner) and clicking “save to home screen”.

This will place a quick-link to and our custom apple icon will appear. If there is no apple icon embedded on a website, the device takes a snapshot of that website and creates an icon from the snapshot Рmeaning: no branding, missed opportunity.

How-To place an apple icon on your site:

  1. Design an image to use as your apple icon. Open Photoshop or something similar and create your icon at 57px by 57px wide. Remember that simplicity is key.
  2. Now upload your image to your own website or a free photo hosting website like Google’s Picasa. Once uploaded, copy the URL for the icon and paste it into a blank microsoft word document or textedit.
  3. Copy the code below and place it into the <head> section of your website just before the </head> tag.
    <link href=”[Image URL]” rel=”apple-touch-icon” />
  4. Replace [Image URL] with the URL that you copied from step 2.