Museum of Glass website designed by Ainsworth Studio

Website Design: Museum of Glass

One of our first priorities was to get live video streaming online from the Hot Shop so members from around the world could tune in at any time. The navigation of the old site was not very intuitive, so we created a drop down jQuery sitemap that is a unique addition to the site.

The Museum wanted visitors to know they could purchase items on the website, so we set up a rotating store advertisement on all the interior pages that highlight special items for the store every month. We analyzed and changed each detail of their website design ultimately growing their monthly visitors from just below 15,000 to over 28,000 in less than 6 months.

How to add an Apple Icon

Apple Icon – how-to add one to your website

An Apple Icon shows up on an iPhone or iPad when your website is saved as a shortcut or quick link. If you are viewing this site on an iOS device, try clicking the shortcut button (bottom center icon looks like a square with an arrow shooting out the upper right corner) and clicking “save to home screen”.

This will place a quick-link to and our custom apple icon will appear. If there is no apple icon embedded on a website, the device takes a snapshot of that website and creates an icon from the snapshot – meaning: no branding, missed opportunity.

How-To place an apple icon on your site:

  1. Design an image to use as your apple icon. Open Photoshop or something similar and create your icon at 57px by 57px wide. Remember that simplicity is key.
  2. Now upload your image to your own website or a free photo hosting website like Google’s Picasa. Once uploaded, copy the URL for the icon and paste it into a blank microsoft word document or textedit.
  3. Copy the code below and place it into the <head> section of your website just before the </head> tag.
    <link href=”[Image URL]” rel=”apple-touch-icon” />
  4. Replace [Image URL] with the URL that you copied from step 2.
Article about 5 graphic designers who inspire me

5 graphic designers that inspire me

There are all sorts of roundups for “Best Design Firm” or “Most Inspiring Designers” and maybe to gain some “street cred” in the blogosphere you have to post your own. Maybe? Maybe not. Either way, I just wanted to write a post and thank these guys. The only two I don’t know much about are Paul Lee and Kyle Steed, but the others I’ve been following for quite a while. I know most of the guys on this list are fathers which is why I like them that much more – they’re just like me, balancing a self-employed career while maintaining Father/Husband of the year. Anyhow, here are 5 graphic designers that inspire me:

Instead interface by Kyle Steed

Kyle Steed – (

Steinway website by

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain – (

5 simple steps by Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton – (

Relay Foods by Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith – (the whale)

Centric by Paul Lee

Paul Lee – (

Paper - App of the year 2012

Conference Speaker How-To Live Sketch a Presentation

I have spoken at a few conferences about the benefits of a quality website to search engine optimization. I was reading this article by Cameron Moll and think it is how I will present from now on. By the way, I love the Paper App.

As a conference speaker, this is the method I have changed to. Click Here to contact me if you’re interested in having me speak at your next conference.

Mailbox App

I cannot wait to use the Mailbox app once it gets released, watch the video and see what I mean. The ability to quickly swipe messages to folders or trash is brilliant. The best part is you can achieve inbox zero every day! Well done, Mailbox Team!

Josh Read's ability to design and work under pressure was great--and his personality was a very positive addition to our office. I would highly recommend working with Josh Read.

Gord Carley#

Website Design for CPTC

Website Design: Clover Park Conference Center

The brand new, gorgeous Sharon M. McGavick Student Center at Clover Park Technical College needed a website for their conferencing services. They called upon Ainsworth to create a website design that matched the sleek modern look of the building, while providing comprehensive information.

The site was built using WordPress to allow the client to control the information without having to know Web Code, this makes editing the calendar of events easy. The website also includes a downloadable information kit, detailed descriptions of each rentable room, and a custom contact form. We performed bespoke Graphic Design (logo) and Website Design and then developed the code to meet their three week deadline.

You can view the site at:

Located conveniently between Olympia and Seattle and just minutes from Interstate 5, the McGavick Conference Center is the perfect fit for your next event. We welcome wedding parties, seminars, banquets, receptions, award ceremonies and special events.

YWAM Haiti

Back in February, my friends at YWAM approached me about developing a new website for the YWAM base in Haiti. Because of the earthquake, the base was getting a greater response of people desiring to help. Their current site was a bit difficult to update and they were wanting to easily communicate their message to the world. We built this site over a weekend while visiting some friends, it’s not much but it has blessed the Youth With A Mission base. I am excited as we will be doing more and more sites for bases around the world. Currently we’re working on another site for a base in Chile.

Check out YWAM Haiti

Robin Beeson | Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition

Robin Beeson approached us about creating a brand that would launch her as a trustworthy resource for weight loss surgery nutrition. She wanted a website that would be driven by a CMS and have the ability to sell recommended products. Check out what we came up with:


It’s Santa!!! (imagine will ferrell screaming that in elf)

We just did a small site for our good friends at Images and Events. Here’s the issue, what do you do on a website that has little to no information and is basically a glorified internet flyer? You add some functional javascript wizardry!


These are usually really fun sites to work on, especially when it’s for clientele who really appreciate the extra bits you put into the site. With this one, we added Santa and the slideshow images actually slide behind him. Fun touch, fun to do.

If you’ve got a small website that you’d like visitors to stay on for a while, contact us, we’d love to help out!