Controlling Volume using a non-apple keyboard in mac os x

So, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while – How to program a non-apple keyboard’s Function Buttons to control the volume, mute, etc. I’ve tried all sorts of things from writing perl scripts to apple scripts, different programs and nothing has quite worked like I wanted it until today! I found this program – Sizzling Keys and it works awesome. If this is something you’ve been trying to figure out, here is your answer!

When will IE6 cease to exist?

Do you know about the 80 / 20 rule? Where 80% of your time is spent doing 20% of the workload and vice versa? Well it rings so true with web developers, so much so that we are now cresting a point that we will begin to charge extra to have a website developed for Internet Explorer 6. We have reached a point in web development where it is no longer profitable for us or any web developer out there, to spend 80% of his or her time to develop for a browser that does not function or act properly. This browser has been around for over 8 years, it is outdated and a security risk for most users.

I’ve spoken with several network admins at different companies. There is a reason IE6 is still around and it’s because it lives in the corporate world. There is a bottleneck somewhere, whether with the network admins, the corporations, or Microsoft itself. If it’s the network admins not wanting to do some sort of crazy overhaul to an enormous infrastructure, I can see that would be an intimidating factor and would imagine that Microsoft would have to put out a new license for such an overhaul. If it’s the corporations not wanting to spend money on an update, well, we’re in a recession so I can understand that too. But seriously, I think the problem has got to lie with Microsoft not launching an update to their software that would cause all things to run properly on an updated browser.

All I can say is, if you are able, please update your internet explorer to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


WOW! We were listed as a Top Finalist for the Favorite Pierce County Company


We knew we were a fun company! Thanks everyone for considering us for this honor! We love working with local companies and our goal is to propel your business forward! See what One of the Top Favorite Pierce County Companies can do for your Pierce County company!

Honored to be listed by some amazing designers

I started noticing some extra traffic on the site yesterday coming from here:


I visited the link only to find that we were put on a list of 25 clean and well designed websites. That in itself is an honor, but what made me excited is that we were listed by some of my favorite websites: and Mark Boulton is a well known speaker / author / designer in the UK and I have followed his blog for years. Dan Cederholm is another well known speaker / blogger / author / designer and like many designers, I have followed his blog for years and own several of his books. Both of these guys are legends in my mind so to be placed by them is exciting for Ainsworth Studio and where we are headed. If you want to join in and work with a company that will soon be a well known design firm, let’s do something together!

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Northwest Hills Christian Schools

We recently did a website for a man in Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona area. In the midst of our website design for him, his wife was offered a job in San Antonio as the principal of a private preparatory school. Well, we finished the website for Jim and ended up doing such an amazing job that his wife hired Ainsworth Studio to redevelop the schools website and logo. We developed not only the logo you see in the upper left hand corner of the website, but we also created one for their athletics program. When we talked with Donna she explained how enrollment in a private school was a difficult item to sell during a recession and how if we could gain 40 more students then the site would pay for itself. Their goal for enrollment was 285 and by the time the first day of school rolled around, they had 345 students enrolled with more interest than they’ve ever had.

That is a 21% increase above the goal!

We were honored to work on this site and are thrilled that parents in San Antonio are now able to find a trustworthy and fantastic education for their children. Check out Northwest Hills Christian School:


Dyson Air Multiplier | the bladeless fan

Have you seen this?

Picture 1 Man, Dyson is genius. How fun of a project would this be to work on? I got to use the air blade last week on a business trip. During some free time my website developer, Ben and I went to the St. Louis Arch and the bathroom there has the super fast, 400mph wind, hand dryer. It was cool. If I got a bladeless fan, I would probably try to teach my children how to jump through it! HA!

Stripe Rite

We just launched a site with been working on with an amazing marketing team – Reanier Advisors. Stripe Rite is Washington State’s Leading Pavement Marking Service. Check out the site and leave a comment with your thoughts.


I never knew

I never knew that e.e. cummings was funny. I remember reading his poetry back in school and my only true memory is that it was boring, end of story. But, today, while reading a business book I read a short poem by him and it made me laugh:

… my Uncle Sol had a skunk farm but the skunks caught cold and died and so my Uncle Sol imitated the skunks in a subtle manner …

I know some Uncle Sol’s, I just spent 3 days climbing a mountain with 4 of them. You know who you are! I’ll post pictures of our adventure soon.

Seeing the Light

I woke up at 4:30am and was super productive. I figured I’d reward myself with trying something new, so I hooked up my camera to my macbook and shot a time lapse video out my office window. I think my best work is done on Eastern Standard Time, which is great because some of our favorite clients are on the east coast.

For your enjoyment, here is the view out my office window:


Last summer I sold my car and walked everywhere. The business was in a good state and it allowed me to be fairly flexible, when I had a meeting and they weren’t coming to our office, I was usually able to schedule it in a way that I could borrow my wife’s car.

Summer turned into fall and I was still walking, fall into winter … still walking. I was walking in Tacoma, up and down hills an average of 15 miles a week. It was good exercise, but got old when it start to rain all the time.

Why did I do this? Because, throughout that whole time, one of my best friends, Joe Undziakiewicz, was building me what my children call “my racecar”. You see, last summer I bought an Infiniti J-30 off craigslist for $300. The car doesn’t look like anything from the outside, I’ve heard people refer to it as a sleeper. I bought it because Joe had a vision of placing a really fun (replace fun with so fast it will rip your face off) engine into that car.

I say all of this for two reasons, some of my clients have wanted to go for rides in my “racecar” and the second is, Joe is a genius who has just started his own company fixing cars at 60% less than dealerships. At one point last winter, my garage had the engine we ordered from Japan in about 30 pieces and the original engine Joe had taken out of the car in about 30 pieces. He was the most organized and professional mechanic and it was a picture of who Joe is. Meticulous, professional, detail-oriented to a level only OCD could explain. Nobody but Joe will ever touch my cars. Some of the horror stories of dealership “stunts” and “mishaps” make me fear for taking my car anywhere else.

If your car needs help, call Joe the neighborhood