Website Design and Graphic Design

We are currently running a promotion here at Ainsworth Studio. We are preparing for a new business development and have decided to offer friends of our customers this special deal. These are not templates, but customized designs to specifically showcase your business. That is why we are only offering 5 of each package at this price! This promotion will only last until September 7th, 2009.

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Totally Random Friday afternoon post

Today is my birthday! That’s pretty much all I’ll say about that. In other news, Ben and I have been working all week on a big Ainsworth Studio project. We placed the final touches on it yesterday and will launch it early next week. Keep us in mind if you’re looking for a great website or graphic design.
Also, a bunch of my friends are returning from a trip they took to South Africa. They went down to help a group in the slums of Capetown about two weeks ago, I’m excited to hear their stories.
And finally, Jason Boisture, a good friend of Ainsworth Studio is getting married tomorrow. He is the greatest copy writer and Search Engine Optimizer I know, honestly, the man’s a genius.

For your reading and linking pleasure, I found an article regarding taking a cruise on a freightliner. Apparently it is far cheaper than a cruise on a cruise ship. Probably because it’s the most boring thing you’ve ever done in your life, but hey, you can save some money! I’ve never been on a cruise but have always wanted to go on one. I can tell you this, I cannot imagine cruising on a freightliner would ever be fun but maybe this website and this article can convince you that it could be?

Meteor Shower

I went out to look at the amazing meteor shower last night, but, it was raining here. I just saw that there’s supposed to be a much larger meteor shower tonight and the sky is looking pretty clear currently so, finger’s crossed, maybe I’ll get to see it.

I remember about 10 years ago laying out in the deserts of western washington watching the meteor shower. It was spectacular because there were none of the lights of the city to deal with. As a graphic designer, I’m always looking for ways to be inspired and because I am amazed by the universe and am such a nerd, I usually look at for space photographs. These pictures of the sun are probably the most intriguing photographs i’ve ever seen. It blows my mind that is what the sun’s surface looks like.

Mercy Me involved in a fatal accident?

About 5 years ago I was hired to photograph a concert where one of the bands playing happened to be Mercy Me. I had a great time that night and would have to say: these guys are pretty amazing and fun to hang out with. I saw this article and my heart goes out to them. What a tragedy.

Graphic Designer for Jim Christiana

Graphic Designer for Jim Christiana

This was a fast and furious project. Churchill Strategies outsourced this Graphic Design job to Ainsworth Studio all the way from Pennsylvania. They were in a pinch. The newspaper printed a front page article about how Jim was launching his site on the first of December and since it was the 28th of November and they had no design or text, pictures, etc. Ainsworth put a pot of coffee on and labored for 2.5 days to produce one of our fine sites.

Because of Ainsworth Studio’s background in Art Direction and excellence, our reputation has made it possible to consult on projects for other business to business services.

The campaign worked, Jim Christiana won and is the Pennsylvania State Representative. Beyond the website, we did Graphic Design services for everything from logos, bumper stickers, to Yard Signs and more.