Website Development for Faith Seminary

Website Development for educational facility

Website Development for higher education can be difficult, luckily working with Faith Seminary was a joy. This project I will term, Operation Clarity. The Seminary is an amazing facility, I know because I’m an alumni of Faith Seminary. I’m still waiting for my honorary Doctorate of Awesomeness from them though (hint, hint Alison).

Within two days of launching this site, it was picked up on several CSS galleries (this is a case study for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing). A new website design brought in an average of 300 unique visitors per day from a previous average of 8, this in turn raised their registration rate to the point of overflowing. Check out the website we developed and if you’re looking to get your Master’s or Doctorate, I highly recommend Faith Evangelical Seminary.

Museum of Glass website designed by Ainsworth Studio

Website Design: Museum of Glass

One of our first priorities was to get live video streaming online from the Hot Shop so members from around the world could tune in at any time. The navigation of the old site was not very intuitive, so we created a drop down jQuery sitemap that is a unique addition to the site.

The Museum wanted visitors to know they could purchase items on the website, so we set up a rotating store advertisement on all the interior pages that highlight special items for the store every month. We analyzed and changed each detail of their website design ultimately growing their monthly visitors from just below 15,000 to over 28,000 in less than 6 months.

Website Design for CPTC

Website Design: Clover Park Conference Center

The brand new, gorgeous Sharon M. McGavick Student Center at Clover Park Technical College needed a website for their conferencing services. They called upon Ainsworth to create a website design that matched the sleek modern look of the building, while providing comprehensive information.

The site was built using WordPress to allow the client to control the information without having to know Web Code, this makes editing the calendar of events easy. The website also includes a downloadable information kit, detailed descriptions of each rentable room, and a custom contact form. We performed bespoke Graphic Design (logo) and Website Design and then developed the code to meet their three week deadline.

You can view the site at:

Located conveniently between Olympia and Seattle and just minutes from Interstate 5, the McGavick Conference Center is the perfect fit for your next event. We welcome wedding parties, seminars, banquets, receptions, award ceremonies and special events.

YWAM Haiti

Back in February, my friends at YWAM approached me about developing a new website for the YWAM base in Haiti. Because of the earthquake, the base was getting a greater response of people desiring to help. Their current site was a bit difficult to update and they were wanting to easily communicate their message to the world. We built this site over a weekend while visiting some friends, it’s not much but it has blessed the Youth With A Mission base. I am excited as we will be doing more and more sites for bases around the world. Currently we’re working on another site for a base in Chile.

Check out YWAM Haiti

Robin Beeson | Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition

Robin Beeson approached us about creating a brand that would launch her as a trustworthy resource for weight loss surgery nutrition. She wanted a website that would be driven by a CMS and have the ability to sell recommended products. Check out what we came up with:


It’s Santa!!! (imagine will ferrell screaming that in elf)

We just did a small site for our good friends at Images and Events. Here’s the issue, what do you do on a website that has little to no information and is basically a glorified internet flyer? You add some functional javascript wizardry!


These are usually really fun sites to work on, especially when it’s for clientele who really appreciate the extra bits you put into the site. With this one, we added Santa and the slideshow images actually slide behind him. Fun touch, fun to do.

If you’ve got a small website that you’d like visitors to stay on for a while, contact us, we’d love to help out!

WOW! We were listed as a Top Finalist for the Favorite Pierce County Company


We knew we were a fun company! Thanks everyone for considering us for this honor! We love working with local companies and our goal is to propel your business forward! See what One of the Top Favorite Pierce County Companies can do for your Pierce County company!

Northwest Hills Christian Schools

We recently did a website for a man in Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona area. In the midst of our website design for him, his wife was offered a job in San Antonio as the principal of a private preparatory school. Well, we finished the website for Jim and ended up doing such an amazing job that his wife hired Ainsworth Studio to redevelop the schools website and logo. We developed not only the logo you see in the upper left hand corner of the website, but we also created one for their athletics program. When we talked with Donna she explained how enrollment in a private school was a difficult item to sell during a recession and how if we could gain 40 more students then the site would pay for itself. Their goal for enrollment was 285 and by the time the first day of school rolled around, they had 345 students enrolled with more interest than they’ve ever had.

That is a 21% increase above the goal!

We were honored to work on this site and are thrilled that parents in San Antonio are now able to find a trustworthy and fantastic education for their children. Check out Northwest Hills Christian School:


Stripe Rite

We just launched a site with been working on with an amazing marketing team – Reanier Advisors. Stripe Rite is Washington State’s Leading Pavement Marking Service. Check out the site and leave a comment with your thoughts.


Graphic Designer for Jim Christiana

Graphic Designer for Jim Christiana

This was a fast and furious project. Churchill Strategies outsourced this Graphic Design job to Ainsworth Studio all the way from Pennsylvania. They were in a pinch. The newspaper printed a front page article about how Jim was launching his site on the first of December and since it was the 28th of November and they had no design or text, pictures, etc. Ainsworth put a pot of coffee on and labored for 2.5 days to produce one of our fine sites.

Because of Ainsworth Studio’s background in Art Direction and excellence, our reputation has made it possible to consult on projects for other business to business services.

The campaign worked, Jim Christiana won and is the Pennsylvania State Representative. Beyond the website, we did Graphic Design services for everything from logos, bumper stickers, to Yard Signs and more.