Darius Rucker and teaching antelopes how to stand on their hind legs

Darius Rucker, it’s been a long time.

Do you remember when Hootie and the Blowfish could do no wrong? I remember their CD was the first one I purchased when I started driving and since I didn’t have a ton of money, it stayed in my stereo for a very, very long time. It stayed in there so long that it got really old, but then, when I persevered through that lull, it became the greatest CD ever known to man! HA!

But that’s not why I’m wring this, I’m writing to let you know that according to my 6 and a half year old daughter’s blog (evahpearl.com) I am not very good at teaching antelopes how to stand on their hind legs. She’s right, I can’t even teach my dog how to stand on it’s hind legs, I am in need of some animal training help, anyone out there know how to do this?