Last summer I sold my car and walked everywhere. The business was in a good state and it allowed me to be fairly flexible, when I had a meeting and they weren’t coming to our office, I was usually able to schedule it in a way that I could borrow my wife’s car.

Summer turned into fall and I was still walking, fall into winter … still walking. I was walking in Tacoma, up and down hills an average of 15 miles a week. It was good exercise, but got old when it start to rain all the time.

Why did I do this? Because, throughout that whole time, one of my best friends, Joe Undziakiewicz, was building me what my children call “my racecar”. You see, last summer I bought an Infiniti J-30 off craigslist for $300. The car doesn’t look like anything from the outside, I’ve heard people refer to it as a sleeper. I bought it because Joe had a vision of placing a really fun (replace fun with so fast it will rip your face off) engine into that car.

I say all of this for two reasons, some of my clients have wanted to go for rides in my “racecar” and the second is, Joe is a genius who has just started his own company fixing cars at 60% less than dealerships. At one point last winter, my garage had the engine we ordered from Japan in about 30 pieces and the original engine Joe had taken out of the car in about 30 pieces. He was the most organized and professional mechanic and it was a picture of who Joe is. Meticulous, professional, detail-oriented to a level only OCD could explain. Nobody but Joe will ever touch my cars. Some of the horror stories of dealership “stunts” and “mishaps” make me fear for taking my car anywhere else.

If your car needs help, call Joe the neighborhood mechanic.com