Honored to be listed by some amazing designers

I started noticing some extra traffic on the site yesterday coming from here: www.designshard.com


I visited the link only to find that we were put on a list of 25 clean and well designed websites. That in itself is an honor, but what made me excited is that we were listed by some of my favorite websites: simplebits.com and markboutlon.co.uk. Mark Boulton is a well known speaker / author / designer in the UK and I have followed his blog for years. Dan Cederholm is another well known speaker / blogger / author / designer and like many designers, I have followed his blog for years and own several of his books. Both of these guys are legends in my mind so to be placed by them is exciting for Ainsworth Studio and where we are headed. If you want to join in and work with a company that will soon be a well known design firm, let’s do something together!

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