Northwest Hills Christian Schools

We recently did a website for a man in Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona area. In the midst of our website design for him, his wife was offered a job in San Antonio as the principal of a private preparatory school. Well, we finished the website for Jim and ended up doing such an amazing job that his wife hired Ainsworth Studio to redevelop the schools website and logo. We developed not only the logo you see in the upper left hand corner of the website, but we also created one for their athletics program. When we talked with Donna she explained how enrollment in a private school was a difficult item to sell during a recession and how if we could gain 40 more students then the site would pay for itself. Their goal for enrollment was 285 and by the time the first day of school rolled around, they had 345 students enrolled with more interest than they’ve ever had.

That is a 21% increase above the goal!

We were honored to work on this site and are thrilled that parents in San Antonio are now able to find a trustworthy and fantastic education for their children. Check out Northwest Hills Christian School: