Totally Random Friday afternoon post

Today is my birthday! That’s pretty much all I’ll say about that. In other news, Ben and I have been working all week on a big Ainsworth Studio project. We placed the final touches on it yesterday and will launch it early next week. Keep us in mind if you’re looking for a great website or graphic design.
Also, a bunch of my friends are returning from a trip they took to South Africa. They went down to help a group in the slums of Capetown about two weeks ago, I’m excited to hear their stories.
And finally, Jason Boisture, a good friend of Ainsworth Studio is getting married tomorrow. He is the greatest copy writer and Search Engine Optimizer I know, honestly, the man’s a genius.

For your reading and linking pleasure, I found an article regarding taking a cruise on a freightliner. Apparently it is far cheaper than a cruise on a cruise ship. Probably because it’s the most boring thing you’ve ever done in your life, but hey, you can save some money! I’ve never been on a cruise but have always wanted to go on one. I can tell you this, I cannot imagine cruising on a freightliner would ever be fun but maybe this website and this article can convince you that it could be?