Website Design Inspiration

Website Design Inspiration or how-to solve problems

As a website designer and graphic designer, I’m always looking for inspiration. Designing anything really, whether a logo, website or building, is about problem solving. The first thought for me is always: this item I’m designing has a purpose, what is it and how do I design so this item fulfills it’s purpose to it’s fullest.

Currently I’m designing a logo for an electrical company and I’m going through the process of answering those questions with the owner of the company but, let’s take a website for this example. A website’s purpose for this electrical company would be two-fold: Informative / trust building and Viewer becoming a customer.

So while designing the website, the primary goal will be for the viewer to contact the electrical company for services. The secondary / building block goal is for the viewer to trust the electrical company and it’s employees.

This is now where I would visit the inspiration sites and view “Call Out” buttons. What “call outs” are the most effective? Also, what builds trust? What sites do I see that seem trustworthy? What colors do they use? What style photography? etc.

I go to two different sites mainly for my inspiration:

site inspire

Site Inspire

Pattern Tap


Pattern Tap