When will IE6 cease to exist?

Do you know about the 80 / 20 rule? Where 80% of your time is spent doing 20% of the workload and vice versa? Well it rings so true with web developers, so much so that we are now cresting a point that we will begin to charge extra to have a website developed for Internet Explorer 6. We have reached a point in web development where it is no longer profitable for us or any web developer out there, to spend 80% of his or her time to develop for a browser that does not function or act properly. This browser has been around for over 8 years, it is outdated and a security risk for most users.

I’ve spoken with several network admins at different companies. There is a reason IE6 is still around and it’s because it lives in the corporate world. There is a bottleneck somewhere, whether with the network admins, the corporations, or Microsoft itself. If it’s the network admins not wanting to do some sort of crazy overhaul to an enormous infrastructure, I can see that would be an intimidating factor and would imagine that Microsoft would have to put out a new license for such an overhaul. If it’s the corporations not wanting to spend money on an update, well, we’re in a recession so I can understand that too. But seriously, I think the problem has got to lie with Microsoft not launching an update to their software that would cause all things to run properly on an updated browser.

All I can say is, if you are able, please update your internet explorer to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.



  1. Chris Roberts says:

    Looks like Microsoft is campaigning to get people off of IE6.